Remote Teaching is here

through our six instructional modules,

we'll help you:

  • engage in virtual instruction to connect with students and to create a transformative learning experience

    Engagement & Management
  • explore the art of creating effective instructional videos

    Instructional Videos
  • evaluate different tools and platforms for both formative and summative assessment

    Activities & Assessment
  • experience communicating with asynchronous & synchronous videos

    Communication Pathways
  • build relationships with students and families, while also networking with your colleagues

    Community Building
  • reach students across contexts with instructional methods and activities

    Remote Teaching w/ Limited Access to Technology
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Each of our modules below expand on critical topics in making the most of remote, and have been written and curated by faculty at Ball State University's Teachers College.

  • Engagement & Management
  • Instructional Videos
  • Activities & Assessment
  • Communication Pathways
  • Community Building
  • Remote Teaching w/ Limited Access to Technology

Teaching Remotely

Professional Learning for P-12 Educators

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