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Before you begin, please watch this video about Design Thinking to help frame a problem-solving mindset. For more information, learn more about the SCAMPER strategy for brainstorming that we use often, as well as this set of brainstorming strategy guidelines.

Our Content Criteria

The Internet has a wide range of websites and tools that can be useful. Teachers searching through Internet content to use with students should have some criteria in mind for what makes something a good fit for the class. As we searched for content to use for this professional development workshop, we had a set of criteria that we used to make decisions about what to share with you.

  • Access

    Are you thinking of all the needs of your students?

  • Authentic

    Does this matter to your students? Is it relevant?

  • Clear Content

    Is it direct and easy to understand?

  • Concise

    Is instruction brief, but meaningful?

  • Purpose

    Does this meet your goals? Will it get you to where you want to go?

  • Usability

    Can students use this by themselves?

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